úterý 20. prosince 1994

Environmental Action Project

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Subject: Environmental Action Project
From: Borivoj BRDICKA <[log in to unmask]>
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Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 11:43:10 MET
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Pokud vas to nebude moc obtezovat, dovolim si vam nektere zajimavejsi
nabidky na spolupraci obratem predavat.
Zdravi, pekne Vanoce a vse nejlepsi v novem roce preje

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- An international project conducted through telecommunication

Organiser: John Meadows,
Snail mail:
School of Education and Health Studies,
South Bank University,
Diary House,
77-81 Borough Road,
London SE1 1DW
Fax +44 71 815 8099
Email 10001:tcd004
Internet meadowjj@vax.sbu.ac.uk

To explore the actions carried out by students and teachers and others in schools, colleges or community groups, which attempt to improve certain aspects of their local environment.

To compare these activities and encourage others to try out some of the proposals.

To examine the effectiveness of these actions and identify the reasons for their success or failure.

I will start the project with some brief reports gathered previously from groups around the world, giving examples of environmental activities already carried out.
Individuals or groups send a brief description of the actions they took or are taking now to me, either through e-mail (Internet or Dialcom systems), or Fax. I will edit these introductory messages and send them out to all participants through e-mail, also giving an electronic address to identify the original sender.
If there are mathematical data available about the activities, please include these, if this seems appropriate.
Responses, questions and comments about each action will be invited and again these responses will be edited and sent out to all participants. Participants may send as many messages as they wish, to describe a number of their activities or to comment on the activities of others. All messages sent will be stored electronically on a Campus database and Internet Gopher so that new participants will be able to refer to previous items automatically.

Timescale: The project will last for approximately three months
Start: January 1995
Finish: April 1995

The project will be open to students and adults of all ages. There is no need to identify the age group of participants, but it is important to identify the names of the senders, as well as the country and region where the actions take place. The project will not have any specific curriculum focus but will be useful in a number of different areas, including science, geography, mathematics, English language, cultural education, etc.

A final evaluative summary of the results of the project will be sent to all participants in May 1995 and this report will also be offered for publication in magazines and academic journals.
I reserve the right to edit any message if it appears too long (maximum of 3 pages, please!) or if it may give offence. You can expect to receive at least one message each week during the timescale of the project.

John Meadows