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Projekty pro SŠ

Od roku 1997 začaly být nabídky mezinárodních projektů pro naše školy generované s podporou ESP, kromě el. konferencí, zveřejňovány též na webu (http://lsv.cesnet.cz/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind9709&L=str-skol&T=0&F=&S=&P=2097)
Subject: Projekty pro SS
From: Borivoj Brdicka <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To: Diskuse na tema stredni skoly a Internet.
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 00:21:16 +0200
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Tento prehled vybranych mezinarodnich sitovych projektu pro stredni
skoly ze dne 22.9.1997 obsahuje:

1. BABEL - estonsky projekt, jehoz cilem je vymena informaci o kulture
ruznych narodu (doporucuji).
2. Seeking Teacher Partners - spanelska jazykova skola hleda partnera pro
realizaci projektu s podporou EU.

Vsem zajemcum si dovoluji pripomenout, ze archiv techto prehledu mohou
nalezt tez na Webu (adresy v mem logu).

Ing. Borivoj Brdicka
Department of Informatics Technology
Faculty of Education, Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic
Ucitelsky Spomocnik - http://it.pedf.cuni.cz/
BoBruv Pomocnik - http://omicron.felk.cvut.cz/~bobr/

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 17:08:43 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Anne Villems
Subject: New project from Estonia

Dear orgs, this letter informs you about new project, initiated from
Estonia. Unlike other projects we usually run in ESP, this project
has project team from the University of Tartu (young co-operative
learning specialists, who have made several national level projects
for schools). The organisers will equip every participating teacher
with manual, full scenario of the project etc. But for the sake of
the success of this cross cultural project, organisers are interested
to limit number of schools, representing one culture, to 1-2. It
means, that if for example there are already two schools from
Slovakkia, representing slovakk culture registrated, the third school
can join, if they play the role of some minority culture, for example
local gipsies. This is specially true about US. Plenty of schools can
participate, if they choose to play the role of native-americans,
Afro-americans, mexican-americans etc.etc.

All contact addresses are in the following letter-advertisment.
With best regards

A project for secondary level students (age 15-17) on cross-cultural


School year 97/98, beginning in October

Unlike the situation a century ago travelling has become a part of our
everyday life. Students spend their vacations in foreign countries;
families move away from their roots to other parts of the globe.
Cross-cultural communication has become an inevitable part of our daily
environment: even classrooms have become multicultural.

Our ideas about other cultures are in many cases governed by lack of
knowledge or stereotypes created by mass media and may cause various
misunderstandings and conflicts. The aim of our project is to offer young
people from various parts of the world an environment for exploring each
other's cultural backgrounds, using modern information technology as a

Participants will have an exciting and challenging task to compose a
Survival Guide about their countries and cultures for kids of their own
age. They will get a set of assignments that are divided into several
stages. Participants will have to introduce their country and culture,
reflect upon the origin of stereotypes and overcome their own prejudices,
explore and describe the key factors of cultural identity. During spring
semester the subjects discussed will be history, language, folklore, arts,
and minority groups.

We hope that we shall be able to publish the Guide after the project is

The length of stages is not equal; each stage is composed of practical and
theoretical parts. In practical parts, students will have to fulfill
assignments given by the organizers. They will post the outcomes to a
special mailing list created for that purpose, where all participants can
read them. Theoretical part consists of classroom discussions within a
group. Both parts require teamwork and cooperation; contributions to the
mailing list should be completed by the whole group together.

Teachers will be provided with a manual that covers both the theoretical
and practical parts (together with information how to use the mailing
list etc.). We have tried to design the manual to meet the needs of
teachers of different backgrounds. The teacher does not have to be an
expert in the field of cross-cultural communication or project work: on
the contrary, we encourage the participation of people new to the subject.
In addition to the support provided by the manual, teachers are always
welcome to contact the organizers directly.

The amount of time required for the project is ca. 1 meeting per week.
On an average there will be 1 practical assignment in two weeks.

For receiving more information and for registration please send an e-mail


- we shall be glad to answer any questions! :-)

The deadline for registrations is 1st of October (then the project actally
starts), if you are interested in recieving a copy of project manual on
paper please register as soon as possible to give us some time to deliver
the manual.

We will only be able to accept 1-2 participants from each country if
they don't represent different cultures. Beeing the third applicant
does not mean that you won't be able to join the project at all:
we invite everybody to participate in some parts of the discussion.


From: EOI Lleida
Subject: Seeking Teacher Partners
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 13:24:23 +-200


At the end of last school year we sent a message asking for partners. =
Now we are back to work and we're sending the message again. We'll reply =

We are a School of Languages in Lleida,Catalonia (Spain), and we are =
interested in finding another school willing to work with us in a =
Project within the Commenius European Programme, which is designed to =
support partnerships between schools in order to develop educational =
projects within Europe.=20

We are already in contact with two other schools, one in Italy and =
another one in Germany, and we'd love to find another European partner.

If you are interested, or would like to know more about the project or =
the Commenius Programme, contact us as soon as possible !!!


Corregidor Escofet, 53
25005 Lleida
Catalonia - Spain

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